Thursday, 11 October 2012

Day 11 - DIY coasters

This is my favourite DIY project so far.  I made coasters and a hot plate out of plain white tiles and scrapbook paper. And the best part is the whole project cost me less than $2. TWO DOLLARS!

I started with four 4x4 white tiles that I bought for 0.29 cents each, a 6x6 white tile that I got for 0.48 cents both of which I purchased at my local hardware store, a piece of scrapbook paper at 0.25 cents and some glue/water mix and felt chair leg protectors both of which I already had.

I first traced the tiles onto the back of the paper (make sure you trace on the back so you aren't left with any pencil marks on the pretty part) and cut out each square.

Brush on some glue/water mix onto the top of the tile then put on the paper and brush more glue on top of the paper making sure you don't miss any spots.

Once the glue was dry I flipped over the tiles and attached my felt squares.  You could also use regular felt or cork board but I had these leg protectors already so that's what I used.

And that's it, you're done.

This project took me all of about 20 minutes (not including drying time). And did I mention that it only cost me $2!  This would be a great little housewarming or Christmas gift for someone.  And for all of those teachers out there this would be a great craft for your students.  You could have them draw a picture on a piece of paper and then glue that to the tile.

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