Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Day 9 - DIY Refurbished shelf

Do you have any furniture in your home that is as old, if not older than you are?  I do.  There is a little shelf that belonged to my mother and her siblings when they were little. I've used it and now it belongs to my son.  Needless to say it has gone through its fair share of wear and tear.  I've decided that it needed a bit of an update. A quick and simple update that only took one weekend and now it looks like a completely different shelf.

 The shelf had several coats of paint on it to begin with so I had to sand it down before painting.  I then painted it black (it was a can that I had picked up cheap at the Habitat for Humanity Re Store which is a great store to find new and gently used items for the home with all of the proceeds going to this great organization). Once the black was dry I painted a green tree on one side and a blue tree on the other.  Another good idea that I might do on the shelves is to put my sons hand prints on the shelves every year with the date under them.
 This is a simple, easy and cheap way to update any old or worn looking piece of furniture and make it your own.

Just as a side note for those who wish to refurbish something with a little more elaboration and detail. Along with the shelf, I had a dresser that my grandparents used when they were younger that later became my dresser and is now my sons.  My husband surprised me when I was pregnant with a refurbished dresser that had a landscape of the Toronto skyline and my sons initial in a beam of light just like the batman signal.  Now this was a project that took a bit  longer than a week and I can't really tell you how he did it other than he used stencils to paint each layer and he put on new handles. But it just shows how different we can make an old piece of furniture look with just a little time and effort.

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