Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Simple Things

They always say that you learn a lot from your kids and while I've heard this sentiment many times before I never really grasped just how true this is until I had a child myself.  One of the things that my son has taught me is that you don't need fancy expensive things from stores to be happy and have fun.  Case in point, out of all of the toys that my son is surrounded by in the house his favourites that he goes back to time and again are things like a tv remote, tin pie plates, wooden spoons, sauce pans, DVD cases, etc.

We like to roll the rolling pin back and forth on the kitchen floor

In a self made river of tupperware

He loves the loud noises these make when he bangs them together or on the floor

Now, this is not to say that my son doesn't have his fair share of store bought toy.  Being the only grandchild, so far, on either my or my husbands side of the family he is showered with plenty of toys to keep him busy but much prefers these random objects around the house to any bright, colourful and sometimes pricy toys found in a store. And while I do appreciate any toy he receives as gifts and will purchase some myself in the future for him they aren't necessary (despite what the commercials try and tell you).

I need to take a page out of his book, and learn to enjoy what we have and not look to bright and noisy tv commercials to tell us what we need to be able to have a full and enjoyable life. 

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