Thursday, 20 September 2012

Home grown veggies

My husband and I recently moved into our first home last year and were really excited about having a backyard with our own garden where we could grow our own fruits and vegetables. We previously lived in a three story walk up condo where our gardening activities were limited to a couple of window boxes and planters.  Despite the meager space available to us we prospered fairly well with things like lettuce, green onions, a couple of peppers, strawberries, and one little green pepper.We even attempted to grow a pumpkin vine (and that's about all we got...a vine)

Now before I go any further I must confess I do not have much of a green thumb.  The fact that we have any fruits and veggies of our labour is mostly due to my husband (the fact that we have any living indoor plants is solely the achievements of him).  My favourite part of gardening is being able to go out and pick vegetable and bringing them into the house to make something delicious with.  So the other week I was extremely happy to find that our two little acorn squash plants that has so far only produced one little squash suddenly has grown at least three more squash with the prospect of another three (if the little bees have been hard at work).

two fruit for sure on this plant and I think the little one at the front will grow

There a couple of blooms that wont make it but there are tree more that might!

YAY!!!  And the best part of this is that we had grown these squash from seeds that we saved from a squash we purchased last year.  And hopefully, if we are lucky, next year we will plant more squash from the seeds saved from this years crop.  Ideally we will have an endless supply of squash for years to come all from one little fruit purchased at the local grocery store.  What an amazing gift.

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