Friday, 5 October 2012

Day 5 - DIY candle holders

This is a DIY project thought up by me and made by my husband.  I thought of this project while walking around a tree farm last Christmas and noticing all the tree trunk ends that people had cut off the ends of their trees and left on the ground.  They looked so pretty and rustic that I took one home and asked my husband to cut it up and make candle holders out of it.  I first let it sit out in a dry spot to try up the sap in the wood so it would not leak all over.  My husband then cut it into three different length logs and drilled a hole in the top of each big enough to fit a tapered candle.  Done! Just put some nice candles in them and put them on a pretty plate to display and to catch any remaining sap ( I also cut a piece of wax paper to go under each holder to catch sap)

I like to change out the colour of candles throughout the year. Red and green at christmas, orange in fall, green at St. Pattys's day etc. You could also make it big enough to hold a tea light as well, we didn't have a wood drill bit big enough for this though.

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